28 April 2009

Play with your food?

Oooh, a theme ... although this one is less "wrong", and more good old fashioned wrong.

Hello Kitty Beer via Tokyo Mango.

27 April 2009

Play with your food!

Unlike the last one, this one is wrong on so many levels ... the Candy Pistol.

There are some toys that just shouldn't be made.

via Strange Harvest

26 April 2009

Play with your food!

The somen slide from Bandai.

Interesting part is that it is based on a real way of eating somen. It involves a party, flowing water, and someone feeding the somen in at one end and collecting it at the other to feed it in again. The challenge is to catch is as it goes shooting by in the noodle flume.

24 April 2009

Ampersand Carrying Case

The ampersand carrying case ... because you know you really need one. Says so right on the label.

via swissmiss via the ampersand.

23 April 2009


If you haven't heard Susan Boyle yet, it is time you did.

It is nice when beauty can be so in your face. In the sense of: take your prejudices and shove hem someplace dark and uncomfortable.

An audio only version of another piece.

via swissmiss

20 April 2009

On avatar rights and virtual property

An interesting article on why current gaming EULAs are a dead end for virtual worlds and what needs to be done to make virtual world a place where real work can be done.



18 April 2009

17 April 2009

Beauty in Economy

Some commentary on excesses of architecture from Canada's Globe and Mail.

I think it could do a better job clarifying the difference between iconic and moronic, but that is probably just me. Which is to say, there are well designed architectures of ego as well as poorly designed ones. It is just the poorly designed ones seem to be the ones more commonly built. Mostly because they are the flaming, spinning logos of the architecture world. Look great, but inefficient and not really designed for actual use.

15 April 2009

Reality TV

Note that they don't appear to be installing them in inner cities. At least not for the same reason.

Suburban reality TV.

14 April 2009

Little Sydney

Some more tilt-shift time-lapse photography. The real made virtual.

I just think it is a really neat effect.

12 April 2009


First the train inspired the panorama. Then the camera inspired making it in the round. And now we have tweaked it for that 3-D effect.

A cool site of nothing but 360 degree panorama shots at panoramas.dk.

05 April 2009

Still AFK

Soon! Soon I shall have time to think again! MwahaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!