31 January 2009

Geek Scouts

Well, if we're going to have nerd merit badges, we need geek merit badges too.

So the first badge in the set will be the Hell(o)Kitty badge, for using Hello Kitty in wonderfully inappropriate ways. We can start with baking.

We can then follow with other appropriate bits of meme busting and generally geekiness. For instance, merit badges in holding strong opinions about Star Trek and Star Wars movies. With a special one for having had an argument that led to blows about those opinions, but only within your respective camp.

I don't suppose they still make those nice, pink Hello Kitty personal massagers ...

Nerd Scouts

Well, we're not quite there yet, but Nerd Merit Badges is a good start.

30 January 2009

Perhaps for people like this ...

Perhaps the designers in this morning's post item had people like this in mind.

Next Nature <-- Posthuman Blues <-- Alex Sandwell Kliszynski

Why? I mean, just, why?

Maybe it's for performance oriented accountants, economists, and/or statisticians?

The Sex Counter via (funnily enough) boingboing.

28 January 2009

Music Deconstructed ... or Maybe Just Destructed

Painful, very painful, and why is MSN doing their promo materials for Windows products with Macs? The stickers aren't fooling anyone.

Songsmith Promo from Microsoft

And some examples of just how Microsoft Songsmith can, ermmm ... improve ... the classics:

From the New York Times

Barbie Deconstructed

Literally that is.

Check out Margaux Lange's Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, as well as her blog.

Oh, and her taste in movies, both funny and important.

27 January 2009

New Look

New cleaner look gleefully pilfered from the templates collection and updated with my own images.

They are not quite as well integrated as the originals, but then again, I must've agonized over them for whole minutes before that meh, good enough state was reached. The images themselves are off on Flickr because Blogger is weird about template images.

Just don't forget to look at the one all the way at the bottom too.


It dawned on me a little after Obama's speech last Tuesday ...

The terms used to refer to those who don't believe in god, particularly God-with-a-capital-G, are all words that define the person, or people, in question in opposition to something they don't believe in.

  • a-theist
  • non-believer
  • i(r)-religious

Not that there aren't positive words out there that don't purely define one in opposition to something that doesn't exist to them, they just tend not to get used, or only get used in specific contexts for instance:

  • humanist
  • naturalist
  • positivist
  • realist
  • some, but not all, existentialists
  • Maybe I was just thinking about it because, at least according to Obama's speech, beyond most (but not all) the major world religions there were the non-believers. Yet, not only are there many other religions, but there are also many spiritual people who don't "have religion," as it were.

    That and too much religious rhetoric in a political speech from the leaders of a country that claims to have separated church and state begins to creep me out. The reason it creeps me out is that it starts the dialog from a position of exclusion. Even in acknowledging other belief systems, in order to be faith, by definition, it must start from the premise that those other belief systems are misguided or wrong (but we will treat them as equals until they finally come around).

    Home on the Sim

    Realized I haven't posted any pictures of the inside of my home. Well ... the inside of my office. The apartment is hidden away upstairs.

    So here it is ...

    26 January 2009

    Home on the Sim

    Just a nice shot of home on the sim.

    Due to land usage rule changes, we had to rework some of the sims and their geography. Hopefully have photos up at some point.

    Almost Caught Up

    Almost caught up with the world.

    Just 774 unread blog items and 139 saved ones in my RSS feeds for me to sort through.

    Problem is I speed through the 4000 or so easy ones, and the 350 or so that show up every day, and am left with the ones I need to actually pay attention to.

    Erk, back up to 778 in the time it took me to type this.

    25 January 2009

    Adaptive Reuse

    Just because a UFO crashed into your city is no reason to let that futuristic megastructure go to waste ...

    Adaptive reuse of crashed starships from Life Without Buildings.


    I was a big Dr. Who fan as a kid, even if the aliens really did scare me, but, well, there were some things on before and after Dr. Who too. Strange things from an exotic foreign country, even more foreign than England, with names like Hi no Tori, G-Force, and ... Starblazers.

    Lego awesomeness.

    23 January 2009

    22 January 2009