09 July 2011

SLArt Museum

I mentioned in the last post I went for a walk in Second Life down a good old Linden road. An honest to goodness walk. The walk ended up here:

A collection of museums of mostly Second Life art that takes up a good chunk of the mainland sim it inhabits. Won't say all of the art was good, but much of it was, and some was really must see. Like the framed pictures in the above image. The ability to get things to look like that in SL is something to be in awe of.

Set aside at least two evenings to amble through it all.


Careful with the link, trying to just click the spot on the map might land you under the road or something. That's what happened to me when I went back. And this particular museum is a bit of a maze because of the transparent floors. You have been warned.

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