07 October 2008

Fortaleza de Purden

Another odd little build that caught my eye.

A castle in a winter sim. It is a museum, built into the side of a hill, with the only ground access involving climbing up a few ropes. Like my post from yesterday morning, it is not a masterpiece, in fact, it is rather tacky, but it works in a wonderful way that makes it a nice place to amble about.

Both were found because I decided to walk (well, fly) home from a party instead of just teleporting. I wonder how much it would alter second life if we could have huge swaths that you had to walk through (and which had paths on which to walk). I wonder how many interesting places are going undiscovered because teleporting tend to reduce the serendipity of the random encounter with something unexpected.

Hmmm, now think about that question in the real world. Okay, so we can't teleport in the real world, so just replace teleport with drive ... it is not that different in some ways.

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