14 July 2008

Builds 2: Hiro Plaza

Okay, my second real build was a "superstore" for a friend. I volunteered for this one because, well, what they had there before was a giant ugly box, and I had to stare out my window at it every morning as I dragged myself out of my virtual bed.

The goal was to have something monumental that fit on the same footprint as the older building, was larger, but actually looked smaller.

Here is the finished product, built in a sandbox that replicates the terrain of the destination sim.

View two, at a dramatic angle. Not the wonderfully floaty glass stairs. There were an accidental fit of inspiration.

Last view. The interior, still under construction, with the sunset framed in the torii, which was part of the deal in the redesign.

The product as installed is missing many things, like the glass display walls I designed that can be seen from the sides but not from the middle, giving a clear view of the open space from the viewing platform in the middle. And the gate went from a nice stone color to blood red, but still an improvement over what was there before.

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