27 July 2008

Builds 6: A Foggy Morning on the Sim

Okay, the environmental effects tools in the Second Life client are just loads of fun for taking pictures. Too bad the estate owner can actually set them as the default for the sim for special events ad the like.

Playing with the foggy preset provides a beautiful foggy morning casting itself over the land.

This by the way is my real home in SL, and the first think I ever tried to built. Not all that pretty, but very low prim and has some clever features (like the hidden door to the second floor). It is a simple traditional shinto shrine in form. Maybe some day I will rebuild it without all the mistakes and poorly aligned prims.

A foggy morning doesn't mean it won't be a wonderful evening.

For those who want to look at these builds in person, they are on Bagoombah and surrounding sims. It is an open sim but it is residential, so be nice and heed the sentry bots that some tenants like to annoy the rest of us with. They are a work in progress, so no guarantees on where the mountains wil be tomorrow.

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