06 September 2008

Information Overload

Okay, I tried to follow the convention coverage and to prep myself on the issues and the candidates and discovered that just doing that bit is a full time job plus some.

I mean, fewer than a dozen magazines, a bunch of blogs and video sites, and I am wiped after just trying to survive both conventions.

The new method of keeping people in the dark is to throw so much information at them that they burn out and give up. To much information may be worse than not enough. At least with not enough you can make stuff up.

On the other hand, this might explain why it always seems like the talking heads are just extemporizing and, well, making stuff up. Because they have given up on trying to understand it all and have decided that maybe it is better if they just try to bluff convincingly, hoping that people will be too busy to compare what they said this week to what they said last week (except for the good folks at the Daily Show, who just eat inconsistencies for 4th meal).

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