26 September 2008

Kowloon (in SL)

Well first you need to check out Wikipedia to find out where and what Kowloon is.

Since it's old organic form is finally giving way to development, it has been in the architectural news quite a bit as of late. But it is, in essence, a very high density urban structure built by the people for the people. Sort of a primitive arcology.

In Second Life, there is a sim called Kowloon which does a decent job of giving on a sense of what it is like to live in such a place. It is small, cramped and dark, with multiple levels to move around in and things tucked into the weirdest corners.

Judging from much of the signage, it was built by some people who speak Japanese fluently and English less so. Guessing that makes them Japanese, but won't swear to it.

Being full of interesting spaces, surprises and jokes, and cheap stuff to buy, it is a fun place to get lost in for a bit.

Though the cheap stuff to buy raised an interesting question from someone I was talking to, which is why is is that most of the Japanese designers charge very low prices for what they sell in SL, compared to some of the gouging to be found elsewhere. Are they just happy to earn enough to make tier? Or maybe just happy that people would actually buy their stuff?

I want on a shopping spree while in Kowloon and returned with a huge collection of 百円 swag (dollar store swag).

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