03 September 2008

McCain's Party Parties

Not McCain, per se, who tried very hard to do what is right, but the rest of his party and those who putatively support him are what is frightening here.

Hard to vote for someone when these are the people who he will bring with him to power.

Some more frightening bits. I realize they are trolls, and I realize that there are trolls on both sides of the fence, but the responses to the following news article are just chilling. Have we decided to the way to prove our honor and worth is through how deeply we can hate one another?

From the Washington Post.

I confess, I generally assume anyone who preaches from a position of hate is wrong. Regardless of whether I agree with their politics otherwise or not. Because if you are preaching from hate, then any veneer of respectability you may put on your words through toeing some political or philosophical line or another is, simply put, a lie you are telling yourself to justify your hate.

Progress comes from finding common ground to build on, and working together to build something suitable for all, not building a tower that leans so far in one direction or the other that it will fall over as soon as the winds change direction. The only problem with the common ground approach is it leaves everyone only partially satisfied. And that gives the discontents room to squawk. Yes, it is better, they cry, but not better enough! How much better when those in power can be more satisfied at the cost of those not in power ... at least until the winds change direction.

Humans scare me at times. I mean, really really scare me. In the so this is where the twisted minds that make horror and slasher flicks come from ... from the depths of dark psyches seeking something to hate, something to fear, something to have power over.

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