17 August 2008

Builds 10: The Airship

More airship.

No, I'm not house proud. Not in the least. Why do you ask?

This is a nice shot looking into the main entrance foyer. You can see the folded-up gangplank as the grill on the far inside wall.

A nice view of the top of the engine wheels as seen from the passageway connecting the front and back of the ship. They are also connected on the level above where you can walk across the open deck, but this is not recommended at high atmospheric elevations where the air is thin and the temperature very cold. Besides, aside from a hatch locking down the hangar bay on the bottom, there are no air locks on the ship. It is not really designed for space flight. Though the techs at the research lab are working on a field to create a self-contained bubble of air around the ship. They have gotten as far as moving the air with us in the engine field, but it bleeds off far too rapidly, give at maximum two hours of external air when beyond the breathable atmosphere. Only really useful for speedy emergency rescues ... mostly of lab techs getting cocky about the integrity of their new high atmosphere flying devices.

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