05 August 2008

Builds 7: The Airship

My current build.

An airship. A steam punk airship.

Okay, so it is sort of lacking in steam, but thanks to Telsa's advanced in solid state batteries and field effects, it is a nice robust electric airship appropriately decked out for the Guilded Age. The entire front of the airship is even a formal ballroom, because, well, what's an airship without a ballroom?

It is still very much a work in progress.

First, a nice moody shot because I needed some new wallpaper.

And a simple side elevation for those who like boring mechanical views. The ship is roughly 70 meters long. The ballroom is at the front, with storage and and engineering below it. There is a working gangplank on the other side of the two story entrance foyer to the ballroom.

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