24 August 2008

Reviews: Peregrine Singh

Peregrine Singh is a novelty in Second Life. He is not another blues singer or guitarist or singer song-writer or person with karaoke machine. You are not going to hear covers of your favorite tunes from him.

Instead, he is playing how own music in his own way, and it is just awesome. A sedate, ambient awesome, but awesome.

Peregrine Singh plays his guitar to beat-box accompaniment in ways that explores the realm of world beat music in new and interesting ways, taking us on ambient trips to other realms, his notes evoking moods, feelings, and even images of places kicking in the back of our heads. He pulls in musical threads and beats from around the globe and arranges them into captivating musical ambiance. Simply, he performs musical poetry.

If you promise not to fall asleep during an hour of the truly mellow, he is a must listen. Remember to load up your HUD with the slowest, most rapturous dances you have.

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