20 August 2008

Builds 11: The Airship

Some more of the current work in progress, an electro-steampunk airship.

Okay, have to say that shopping for clothes to go with the airship is as much fun as building it. And it is probably going to make me go broke. My favorite to date is a toss up between ~silentsparrow~ and BareRose. Current best outfit is a toss up between Black Mist and ~thorns~. Though the new underground ~silentsparrow~ store definitely wins the battle for innovative design, assuming you can figure out how to get in. (Gee, is that a storm on the horizon? Maybe you should look for a place to take shelter ...)

Anyway, two undercarriage views, with some prims that look to be out of place. I'm going to have to check on that tonight. The second shows the inside of the hangar bay.

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