31 August 2008

Some things are important

Some things are important, or why I got nothing done today.

If you're not outraged then you're not paying attention.

By the way, according to the search warrents in question, possession of any of the following items, on your person or in your home, could indicate that you may be engaging in potential criminal if not terrorist activity:

  • computers
  • cameras
  • cell phones
  • any electronic devices
  • paint
  • alcohol
  • street maps
  • glass or plastic bottles
  • cardboard boxes
  • paper products
  • cloth or fabric
  • feces
  • urine
  • free speech

So watch carefully that person who puts out their recylcing each week, or (*gasp*) has a bathroom in their house, because you never know.

You know, suddenly my last post is a whole lot less funny ...

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