02 August 2008

Shanghai Sim

Okay, this is so totally worth a look: http://sh.edushi.com/

It is a virtual version of Shanghai, all rendered in SimCity axonometric style (ooh, I learned a new word, and here I was about to call is isometric). The detailing is awesome, though it looks much cleaner than the real thing, and it is full navigable in the basic Google maps way. It even has hotlink buttons to tell you where the McDonalds and KFC restaurants are.

Zoom in and all the bus stops, car parks, and metro lines are labeled, as well as all the street names. And if you get tired of all the buildings, the "2-D" mode functions like a standard street map.

Full screen mode seems to give it indigestion in Opera, at least the blocks would stop downloading correctly at times and would get confused on where to position themselves (Hey, let's all hind on the edge of the screen over here!), but still pretty neat.

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