26 August 2008

Builds 12: Small Electropunk Aircraft

There, I coined a new word. Not as evocative as steampunk though.

Shots of the little vehicles inside the hangar bay seen in my last builds post.

Will add som better shots of them on their own later.

First, the electroskiff, for ferrying passengers and cargo to and from the ship. Okay, so a little lacking in guard rails. Don't worry, it is woefully underpowered and moves very slowly.

Second, the escape pod, with me sitting in it.

In spite of the small size, it comfortably seats three, two passengers and the pilot. I still have the finish the pilot seat. Need to find a motorcycle pose first though. Then it is time to start playing with scripting it to really fly.

Don't need the name "escape pod" fool you. It is designed to fight its way to freedom if necessary. Aside from a slug gun on the top, the pointy bit on the front is more than decoration. It is part of a system that allows the entire ship to act as a plasma weapon. Sort of a targeted EMP with enough power to burn holes in anything in front of it. Use it sparingly though, takes alot of electricity to generate fields that reach plasma state. The main ship can do the same and has the benefit of not having to be pointed at its target like this little thing. Of course, the EMP itself isn't quite as devastating in a world that has not yet invented the transistor. Difference engines don't really care about electrical disruption, though it can magnetize any magnetizable parts and keep them from interacting properly. Still, don't want to be right in front of it when it goes off.

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