13 August 2008

Living Small

One problem with living in Second Life is there are scale issues caused by the rendering engines which make builds that are scaled to normal Real World size. That means every place is huge and drafty.

If you make doorways less than three meters some people may not even be able to walk through them. In fact, I have a secret hideout which is well protected from most everyone simply by having a doorway that is only 5'6" or so.

But that is just a kvetch. I am really writing this because I like small, elegant spaces. Perhaps one reason I liked Japan. Even an old 1950s tower packed with two room flats had an elegance to the minimalism (and doorways that were exactly 2 meters tall, less the lip).

So when something tiny and space efficient comes along, I like to share it. This is old news, but worth the look.

I would so live in this place. And I love how National Geographic is finally learning editing styles from MTV. Not that it is necessarily a good thing (or a bad one).

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