07 August 2008

Planet Mongo

Okay, this place is not mine. It is someone else's.

I am insanely jealous.

Anyway, the sim is called Planet Mongo and it is well worth the look. An amazing application of huge prims to create a huge build. Pretty much an entire sim for a single large superstructure.

I had to pan all the way out to 512 to be able to snap this shot.

It looks like it is still under construction and currently lacking many vendors, but that's okay, it is worth it just for the opportunity to walk around in a pretty amazing piece of art.

Yes, the red fuzzy bits below it are clouds. It is up pretty high, and is pretty tall itself. At ground level are the ruins of a once thriving civilization and the remains of a shattered island. Oh, and a slime processing plant. Though why you would add fruity flavoring to slime is a little worrisome.

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